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Wednesday, August 15, 2018


  • Our goverment also works on the desi pathy given a name AYUSH SYSTEM.they make a ministery of AYUSH from that resion we get a direct benefit from the goverment.
  • we achieve a higher goal in homeopathy being a good doctor.
  • we get also goverment job in the health sector.
  • It works on the similar principle"similia similibus curantur it  means like cure like.
  • our homeopathy works on the nature law of cure.
  • One medicine serves various purposes
  • we care patient very well.
  • patient relaxed with us and told all problem because we give more time.
  • In many cases single dose is sufficient.
  • No bitter taste as another form of drug.
  • Sweet pills attract children which help to give them medicine at proper time by their mother.
  • Easy to administer, in the case of the unconscious patient only inhalation is sufficient to produce effect.
  • Sometimes acts faster than other system medicine. Even result may be observed within few seconds.
  • In many cases just take the medicines and forget to take further medicine. It may happen at one time you forget about the disease.
  • Helps to bring equilibrium/coordination within
  • In some acute common cases recovery may be observed within 1/2 days whereas in another system it takes little more days.
  • Detail case taking procedure tries to understand the patient as a whole.
  • When the patient comes for the treatment of one disease, he or she may gain the benefit for other diseases what he/she did not mention.
  • No such crude drug is used in homoeopathy, it use medicine (prepared through some special process & tested on human being).
  • Very minimum medicine is needed.
  • we treat the miasmatic factor from which a develop.
  • our scope in the chronic cases excelent                                                                                                                                                                  

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